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 I am so grateful you are here! I'm Samantha Gonzalez, and I'm on a mission to ignite transformation and healing through yoga and wellness coaching.

About Sam

With a Bachelor's degree in Public Health and over a decade of experience in healthcare, I've dedicated my life to helping others navigate the often complex path to well-being. I've witnessed firsthand the profound impact that wellness practices can have on both physical and emotional health. But my journey to this point has been more than just professional—it's been deeply personal one. As a trauma survivor and lupus warrior, I understand the power of resilience and the importance of creating a safe space for healing. That's why I pursued a certification in trauma-informed care, ensuring that my approach to yoga and wellness coaching is rooted in empathy, understanding, and compassion.


Over the last couple years, I've been privileged to guide others through their wellness journey; incorporating movement, breath work, mindfulness techniques, healing touch, energy heealing, and assisted stretching as techniques to help you heal. Every class and/or session is not just an opportunity to stretch and strengthen the body, but also a chance to connect with oneself on a deeper level and explore the profound wisdom that resides within. But, yoga is just one piece of the puzzle! My professional experience in care coordination and healthcare has allowed me to bring a unique blend of expertise to my coaching practice. I see myself not just as a teacher or coach, but as your a gentle guide through this complicated healthcare system while also guiding you through your journey to self care and empowerment.

But beyond all my credentials and experience, what drives me is a deep-seated passion for helping others unlock their full potential. What truly defines me is my unwavering commitment to authenticity and compassion. I believe in meeting people where they are, honoring their unique experiences and challenges, and supporting them with empathy and non-judgment every step of the way. 

So whether you're seeking to find balance in your life, heal from past traumas, or simply reconnect with your inner spark, know that you're not alone. I'm here to walk alongside you, offering a helping hand and a compassionate heart as you embark on your path to greater health and happiness.

Self care is how you get your power back, so let's do it!


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